Terrible Toybox

Environment/Background Artist Job Description

Terrible Toybox (the creator, developer, and publisher of Thimbleweed Park) is looking for an experienced, versatile full-time full-time background or environment artist to work on an unannounced 2D illustrated point-and-click adventure game. You'll get to create enticing environments; work with talented animators and coders to make your vision come to life; be part of a friendly team, be respected, and be appreciated.

What You’ll Do

What You’ll Bring

Bonus Abilities

Who Are We?

Terrible Toybox believes in creating point-and-click experiences for everyone, from hard-core fans to the adventure-curious. Thimbleweed Park was well received and has become a benchmark for modern point-and-click adventures. Our growing team of industry veterans and newer-comers are dedicated to making an amazing new game, but also believe in flexible work hours and a good work-life balance.

Terrible Toybox is a fully remote company with team members in time zones from Pacific to Central Europe. We do not believe in crunch. We aim to create a welcoming and safe community where you can excel at your work; new friends are made; your opinions are heard; and everyone is respected, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, introversion/extroversion, religion, years of experience, and more.

Practical Considerations

For this position, the start date is ASAP. It will be a full time contract for approximately 10 months. For Terrible Toybox, "full time" means a fixed number of hours between 30-40 as agreed upon by both of us ahead of time. As a full time contractor you will get 6 paid holidays plus we give the day after a significant milestone as a paid day off.

We communicate and collaborate using Slack, Notion, our bug database, video calls, and voice-only calls. We have weekly team planning meetings, optional weekly socials (we call it chill time), regular 1:1s with the producer and your lead.

While you can work from wherever you want in the world, you'll need to maintain consistent working hours that regularly overlap with other team member's hours. Most team meetings happen during the overlap in time when Europeans are finishing work and US West Coasters are starting work. The majority of the art team is in UK/Europe.

Statement about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are a small team so we don't have the capacity to extensively mentor someone with extremely limited experience. However, if you don't meet every single one of our requirements, you should still apply if you have a solid base knowledge and/or experience. Your diverse background may bring something highly desirable and unique to our team that we haven't explicitly listed. We are dedicated to creating a diverse team and will support and encourage you as you grow into the role, improve your capabilities, and we learn from you.

How To Apply

We are accepting applications until March 9, 2021.

If we sound like a team you'd be excited to work with and you want to contribute to the next big adventure game, then apply by filing out this form. It will ask a few simple questions then you'll upload a PDF of your resume (or give us a URL link), a link to your portfolio and you're done.

Please no cover letters, your resume and portfolio should speak for themselves.

All you need to do to apply is fill out the above questionnaire, but if you have any questions about the position or the application process, you can email us directly here: jobs@terribletoybox.com